Our Story

Can your choices really change the world...? At Albatross Clothing we think they can, we view every single item you purchase as a vote, a vote for the type of future you want.

Currently the textiles industry is deemed as one of the dirtiest in the world, second only to oil; through this we're not only polluting our planet, but also ourselves, with most clothing holding a whole cocktail of unhealthy chemicals. This combined with poor ethics and hazardous conditions for those making our clothes, leaves us with an industry that looks pretty bleak.

However, through purchasing environmentally friendly and ethical clothing like ours, you can vote against fast fashion, and for a better future. Your choices can change the world.

The Journey

We aim to keep things transparent, which is why below you can see the journey our products make before they reach you.



The Standards

We're not perfect, but we aim to be the best we can. The certifications across our products ensures the factories we use are as ethically and environmentally sound as possible.