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With green issues so relevant today, there is no better time than now to get involved through your store.

Being greener and ethical is not only paramount in protecting people and the planet, but also something that will help in augmenting your company's corporate social responsibility, allowing you to stand out from your other competition.

As well as being a caring company, we also produce some gorgeous garments, with each well fitted, of high quality and stylish. Alongside this all of our products are printed and finished by hand in the UK, ensuring nothing but the best quality and helping boost employment in the UK.

Each print is designed by up and coming creative artists, ensuring unique designs and designs that come with a story, with each thought out, rather than just churned out. These designs will be in for limited times, meaning our clothing is a bit more unique.

Our prints are applied using the latest Direct to Garment technology, ensuring the highest quality, printing the designs into the fabric rather than on top of it, again leaving a nicer and much more comfortable finish.

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Spark - A funky highstreet store based in Matlock, Derbyshire.