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Ebony Day

British Singer and voted MTV's Brand New Artist of 2013, Ebony Day was born on 21st March 1993 and lives in Guildford (UK). She is currently studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music. After spending the last year at her parents home in Australia, Ebony is now back in the UK focusing on her music career. With big hopes and dreams for the future she is working hard at writing original music and developing herself as an artist.

At the age of just 19 Ebony Day has racked up over 19 million video views and 147,000 subscribers on YouTube. By covering a mix of her favourite songs Ebony has grown a huge, dedicated fan base that spreads across the globe. With the help of her loving fans Ebony has had opportunities that every unsigned artist could only dream of such as performing in Nashville, Sydney and London.

Ebony is now well on her way to success and hopes that she can inspire young people into following their dreams by showing that anything is possible with determination and hard work.

We are truly passionate about Ebony Day. Ebony is supremely talented and inspiringly ambitious, with a stunning look and a unique sense of style. But what really captured our attention to us is her attitude - that everyone should follow their dreams, work hard, and get to where they want to be. This is something we genuinely believe in and a message we really want to be heard. There was a time when Albatross Clothing Ltd was just a dream, yet now it’s a reality.

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