Environment & Ethics

At Albatross Clothing, the environment and ethics involved in the making of our clothing is of paramount importance, and something we pride ourselves on.

Our core lines are made from Climate Neutral, organic garments, meaning our carbon footprint is regarded to be at a pre-industrial levels, as well as utilizing eco friendly inks in our printing. We don't just offset these emissions like many, but go the whole mile, only using renewable energy within our factories, alongside using efficient low carbon logistics to transport our products; making our garments as environmentally friendly as possible.

All of our products are organic, and thereby not filled with chemicals, something highlighted in November 2012 when it was published that hazardous chemicals were found in the products of 20 global fashion brands. The chemicals found included high levels of toxic phthalates and cancer causing amines from azo dyes. This lack of chemicals also leads to a higher quality overall material, making our garments more durable, and softer.

We also believe in keeping things fair which is why all of the factories used in producing our garments are Fair Wear accredited, ensuring workers are treated and paid fairly.