I made an error with my order

If you have not yet confirmed the order in your ‘Cart’, you can at any point access the ‘Cart’ through clicking ‘View your shopping cart', from the top menu. By clicking the red cross shaped icon when viewing the products in your 'Cart' you can remove any product from the ‘Cart’. Please ensure you refresh the ‘Cart’ if changes are made to your order, before proceeding to the ‘Checkout’

My size is out of stock

We aim to have products restocked on a regular basis, until the product lines are updated, therefore if a product you desire is out of stock, please check back another day.

Can I make changes to my order after it has already been placed?

Once an order is submitted through our Website, it is not possible to make changes to the order. If a change needs to be made an order, the order must be cancelled in its entirety and be reordered by the customer.

Can I reserve an item using my shopping bag?

Unfortunately, an item cannot be reserved in your shopping bag. If the product sells out before you finish checking out, you will be notified in the checkout process and the product will be removed from your bag.

What happens if my order is lost?

If you suspect that your order is lost, please contact us for further assistance.

How to make an order

1) Select desired product, taking you to the product details page.
2) Read all of the information provided. Select the appropriate sized product.
3) Select number of products you desire and then select the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
4) Select ‘Show Cart’ should you wish to purchase only this item, select ‘Continue Shopping’ if you wish to continue.
5) At any point you can access the ‘Cart’ through clicking ‘In your bag’, from the left hand menu.
6) Either login, or create a new account upon accessing the ‘Cart’.
7) Fill out the billing information, as well as shipment information, allowing us to process your order correctly.
8) Check all of the information input is correct and the appropriate product(s) are in the cart.
9) Enter coupon code (if you have one) or any notes or special requests.
10) Read the Terms of Service, and check the tick box if you have read and agreed to these.
11) Select Checkout. This will redirect you to our secure payment processor, Paypal.
12) Follow the instructions provided by Paypal in order to complete the order. You can use an existing account or create a new Paypal account. This means Paypal will store your payment information, so it is as secure as possible. We choose to have Paypal process our payments, as it is one of the most secure, and reliable providers. Albatross Clothing does not store your payment information, we only maintain records of information input on our Website, www.albatrossclothing.co.uk, anything input on Paypal we do not record. All information we are provided with is stored in accordance to the 1998 Data Protection Act.
13) Upon completion save or print out your receipt.
14) Having had a conformation email you can now ‘Log Out’ of your accounts, and the order will be processed.