Sourced With Care – Neutral


Contains 100%
Organic Cotton


Reduced Water


Reduced Global
Warming Potential


Ethically Certified



Production Zones

This collection is manufactured entirely in India, and finished in the UK.

Production & Distribution Stages

Stage 1 - Cotton Growing
The cotton is grown in the organic fields in Northern India.

Stage 2 - Transportation
The cotton is transported from the fields to the mill by road (horse cart and truck).

Stage 3 - Cotton Spun & Processed
The cotton is spun and processed in Southern India (Coimbatore), wind power is the main power source at the facilities providing four times as much energy as actually used. The surplus is sent to the network for the benefit of local communities and reduces CO2.

Stage 4 - Shipping
The products are shipped in containers, by sea to Hamburg. The products are then transported by truck and unloaded at the central stock facilities.

Stage 5 - Finishing and Delivery
The products are transported to our printshop via UPS where products are checked and printed on. Following this products are then delivered to the customer in biodegradable packaging or recycled boxes.

Carbon Footprint Reduction
Compared to conventional cotton, organically grown cotton has 46% reduced global warming potential; ensuring our products made using organic cotton have a reduced impact. Additional CO2 reductions are made as a result of the factories used at the manufacturing stage being powered by renewable energy.

Water Usage Reduction
Our products made from organic cotton, consume 91% less blue water than conventional cotton products.
Blue water is defined as Fresh surface and groundwater, in other words, the water in freshwater lakes, rivers and aquifers. This is normally withdrawn in agriculture via irrigation.

Using 90 Percent Less Water In Garment Production Through Organic Cotton

Every Product Provides Clean Water For Someone Without