Where It Began

For us it all started with a problem at University in Chester, while studying Graphic Design.
The issue was finding clothing that was eco friendly and ethical, that could also be effectively printed onto at any size. This proved to be near enough impossible. Although in looking deeper we came to realize how unsustainable and cruel the fashion industry really was.

Furthermore we felt the fashion industry was becoming more and more generic, with each brand following the rest, to keep up with the trends, resulting in nothing unique available. Even the smaller independent labels couldn’t get it right for us, with badly fitted cheap garments, or just logo t-shirts.

So we decided to do something different, founding Albatross Clothing in 2012. Our core products feature unique design work from an array of designers, providing unique, imaginative products that have a story, something more to them, than just a trend fitting design.
Furthermore we believe in quality, something we feel is lacking in todays products, so we ensure all of ours are of the highest possible quality, using the best fabrics available, as well as having all of our printing and finishing done here in Great Britain, our home.